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If there is very little left and everything seems to be ready for the big day. What else do you need to keep in mind to make sure there are no incidents on your wedding day?

In Doce Bodas we bring you 10 tips that will do you a lot of good to take into account for your wedding celebration.


1. Wear the wedding shoes before the wedding.

They are wonderful, just as you dreamed of them and you want them to look impeccable on your wedding day. We advise you to take them a couple of times around the house. This way your foot will adjust to its last and the material will loosen up a bit.

If you follow this advice you will have no problem feeling uncomfortable or slipping and surprising yourself right on the big day.

2. Avoid miracle diets a few days before the wedding.

You need all the necessary vitamins and nutrients to keep your skin and hair looking great and you feeling good and radiant.

So if you plan to lose a few pounds, do it early, a few months before the wedding. This way your body has time to tone up.

3. Do not argue with your parents or your future spouse about the details of the wedding.

Of course, the wedding belongs to both of them and they have to be the only ones who make the decisions. So explain to your parents and in-laws in the most diplomatic way possible that the decisions should be between the two of you.

We know that you are in tension because you want everything to go as you dreamed, but don't make your partner angry either. They want an unforgettable wedding for the two of them, enjoy it.

4. Makeovers not so close to the wedding day.

¿Do you want to try a new haircut, a new hair color, a special tan or a cosmetic treatment? Perfect, but give yourself the time you need. 

You should try the new haircut and color at least 6 months before the event so you don't get unpleasant surprises and have time to correct it.

Of course, small touch-ups can be done 2-3 weeks before the wedding. 

5. Take care of yourself on your wedding day.

We know that you have emotions on the surface, that the agitation is a lot, but give yourself time to eat breakfast and hydrate yourself.

It will help you plan the night before about what to have for breakfast.

Practical food, on hand so that they do not steal more time than you need on the morning of your wedding. Preferably it is food that you are used to and you are sure that it will not go down badly.

If you have a specific treatment, do not forget to take your medication.

6. Excessive decorations

Whether we're talking about your outfit or the function room, go for the simplistic option. Pick your favorite embellishments and stick with them. 

We know that you have a lot of jewelry that you would like to display, but you will also have other occasions: baptisms, parties of other acquaintances, etc. 

As for the room, this is not the day for it, that's why you had time in advance for planning, for this day leave everything organized and in the best hands, but not yours or your partner's.

7. The dance of the bride and groom

If you don't know or don't like to dance, you don't have to choose something complex. A waltz may be enough. Or make sure you take dance classes to achieve the dream effect.

8. Time between the wedding and the reception at the event venue

Of course, maybe you need a little respite after the ceremony, or a break to revitalize your makeup, or you want to have a photo shoot. But always think of the guests. Ceremony and party attendees probably don't want to go home in the meantime. So try not to delay the two events by a maximum of more than 2 hours. The ideal is that the place of the event has a garden, decoration and green space for the photo session, the room for your rest or for the makeup refreshment.

9. It is not recommended to take credit from the bank for the wedding

Always remember that even if it is the day of your dreams, it only lasts one day. 

There is no point in going into debt and paying for months or years afterwards. It will frustrate you in the long run. That is why we advise you to look for services that offer financing services. They are few, but good and are a great idea.

10. Don't forget smoking guests.

If you don't smoke, don't forget that some of the guests will probably want to smoke. 

So choose a place with spaces for them, a garden or at least a terrace. 

Smoking is no longer allowed in the halls according to current laws, in addition there are very few people who smoke, however, it ensures the comfort of all the guests so that the wedding is a success.

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