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In times of pandemic we have very good news, and that is that your wedding can be organized more and more, especially outdoors. We want to give you some tips for that perspective.

In this same order, remember to think about biosecurity standards and ensure the well-being of all your loved ones.

An outdoor wedding seems to involve several factors that must be taken into account, however, the closeness to nature can provide an extra originality to the organized event.

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What do you have to take into account to organize your outdoor wedding?

One of the first necessities you will have will be to have a cover, and here we mean a tent. A good thing, because they can be placed almost anywhere, so you will have the opportunity to choose from many locations.

Whether you want a wedding in nature, on the beach, on a farm or in a castle, the marquee can be set up without too much effort.

In addition, this option offers you the opportunity to address any topic, since the proximity to nature will provide a sense of peace and comfort among guests. 

Thus, regardless of the style of the event, casual or formal, a marquee adapts to any variant.

To create a pleasant atmosphere, if it is in a very hot location. You might consider renting portable air conditioners or fans. 

In fact, you can choose to add floor surfaces, to correct irregular floor shapes, but also wall panels, to protect guests from wind or rain.

It is very important to make an important decision regarding the wedding date, as a plan is recommended to aim for a day when no rain is announced.

Also have a backup plan, so you will avoid inconveniences that may arise due to the unstable weather of the summer season.

How to turn a tent into a beautiful place?

Wedding in a tent

Because tents are usually a blank canvas, you can choose any design you like. 

So, decide which are the most important decoration elements for you, according to your budget and your tastes.

An outdoor wedding does not require much effort in terms of budget decorating the space.

Simple flower arrangements, along with minimally decorated tables will make a difference, the decoration of nature will contribute to the design of the event.

What you can also bring are small garlands with lights, simple candle holders, neutral tablecloths (beige, light pink, white, gray) or a pastel color palette (lilac, blue, light, light red, yellow, purple, etc.). very light tones).

The lighting of a space can set the mood of the guests, so it is very valuable to choose these elements of decoration with care.

The lighting of a space can set the mood of the guests, so it is very valuable to choose these elements of decoration with care.

The lighting of a space can set the mood of the guests, so it is very valuable to choose these elements of decoration with care.

Coquettishly organized spaces where guests can take photos, or simply enjoy their stay.

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Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor wedding: Make the most of the landscape that nature offers you

Natura Wedding

If you choose to organize your wedding outdoors, do not forget that one of the main actors will be the landscape that you will have.

So, get inspired and use the natural elements. Organize places where the guests can socialize, separated from the main area, this will provide additional comfort to the guests and increase their well-being.

Use plants as the main elements of the decoration, from flowing plants to potted trees, which you can place anywhere you want.

This gives you another opportunity to create different areas, like a candy bar decorated with lots of plants, that are in the same theme as the natural landscape.

Do not forget the most important thing, plan your wedding so that you and your partner feel very happy with the design and on this great day.

Details about wedding dresses or other tips you need to know can be found in other articles on our blog, you can also contact the team at Doce Bodas.

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